News Stories on the crisis

The articles below will be irregularly updated with the latest Anglophone Crisis articles from a variety of sources. 

The New Humanitarian (IRIN) 03/03/2020

The New Humanitarian (IRIN) 18/03/2020

Deutsche Welle 23/03/2020

Brookings Institution 27/03/2020

Al Jazeera 04/04/2020

RFI 02/03/2020


Africa News 21/07/2018:

Cameroon Government: Cameroon separatists have killed over 100 security forces

Africa News 21/07/2018:

Cameroon: Catholic priest murdered in Anglophone region

BBC News 20/07/2018

Cameroon soldiers ‘arrested’ over execution video

Guardian 20/07/2018:

Cameroon’s military accused of burning alive unarmed civilians

Human Rights Watch 19/07/2018:

Cameroon: Killings, Destruction in Anglophone Regions

Guardian 13/07/2018:

Video shows Cameroon army killing women and children, says Amnesty

BBC World News 13/07/2018 [Video]:

Military Chiefs Escape Attack in Cameroon

de Morgen 12/07/2018 [Belgium | Dutch]:

Opschudding na executievideo in Kameroen: twee moeders met kinderen in koelen bloede vermoord door regeringssoldaten

Deutsche Welle 12/07/2018

Cameroon’s forgotten refugees in Nigeria

Al Jazeera – The Stream 03/07/2018:

Is Cameroon hurtling towards civil war?

de Standaard 30/06/2018 [Belgium| Dutch]:

‘Kameroen wordt het nieuwe Rwanda’

New York Times 28/06/2018

As Cameroon English Speakers Fight to Break Away, Violence Mounts

BBC World News 25/06/2018 [Video]

Witnessing Cameroon’s descent towards civil war

VRT 13/06/2018 [Dutch]:

Amnesty International: “Engelstalig Kameroen in greep van dodelijk geweld”

Guardian 07/06/2018:

‘I don’t know where my family is’: Cameroon’s refugees flee brutality

Guardian 30/05/2018:

‘This is a genocide’: villages burn as war rages in blood-soaked Cameroon

Deutsche Welle 27/05/2018:

Cameroonian army kills scores in Anglophone region

Deutsche Welle 18/05/2018:

US accuses Cameroon of ‘targeted killings’ against English-speaking separatists

Deutsche Welle 16/05/2018:

Cameroon jails English-speaking activists on terrorism charges

Deutsche Welle 07/05/2018

Can the Catholic Church mediate in Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis?

Deutsche Welle 04/05/2018:

Both sides in Cameroon’s escalating separatist crisis turn on journalists

New York Times 08/10/2017:

In Nigeria and Cameroon, Secessionist Movements Gain Momentum