About ACMP

The Anglophone Crisis Monitoring Project is an independent effort to gain clarity surrounding the situation in Southern Cameroon, using open-source data collection from sources on the ground.

The project intends to be entirely independent of any factions involved in the Anglophone Crisis, reporting only the facts of the situation. The impartiality of the project is vital to the validity and trust of the organisation.

This project is intended to draw attention to the crisis on an international level, and provide a reliable source of accurate information.

In essence:

If crimes are committed by Cameroonian government forces, they will be reported.

Likewise, if crimes are committed by other groups, they will also be reported.

Importantly, the ACMP will always aim to tell the truth, validating data to the furthest extent possible.

The ACMP is concerned with all aspects of the crisis- the humanitarian implications, the state of the conflict, and any potential for escalation.

The Team

Billy Burton


Billy has been following and monitoring the Anglophone Crisis since 2017/18, and is involved in the Cameroon Anglophone Crisis Atrocity Database, held at the University of Toronto.