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The Crisis in Cameroon is finally making its way to the EU Commission

Over the past months, I have been surprised many times on how little is being reported in International media concerning the aggressions in Southern Cameroon provinces.

There were some articles in The Guardian but things seemed to halt there. Even those articles seemed to mainly make their way to those impacted and not really to the desk of politicians. I have quizzed a number of politicians (and journalists) I happened to know or got in touch with and most were not aware of any “situation” in the Southern Cameroons. Specifically the absence of articles in (usually quite comprehensive reporting) outlets like BBC, Africa News, Deutsche Welle and RFI was notable.

All compelling evidence submitted to ACMP and it’s members however was in our opinion definitely warranting political attention, so we actively pursued journalists on this matter. The reality unfortunately is that usually politicians act based on international attention in the media. Absence of this makes it hard for politicians in their usually full agenda to act, basically because of lack of awareness.

The EU might play a vital role in getting the situation in Southern Cameroons on the international agenda.

In this situation that was also the case, and when I alerted my political contacts at EU level, most were not even aware of any issue in Cameroon. The last known status was the internet blockage of beginning last year.  When I met with Hilde Vautmans, who is member of the Foreign Committee and has a passion for Africa. She also acted as president of the Rwanda commission and therefor perfectly positioned to have an opinion un this matter.

Luckily, all efforts were not in vain and EU Parliamentarian Hilde Vautmans (ALDE) has asked written questions to the Foreign affairs commission of the EU, EEAS headed by Federica Mogherini.

EU Commissioner responsible for EEAS, Federica Mogherini

The following questions were raised:

Clashes between insurgents and government forces for a breakaway republic in Cameroon’s English-speaking region have recently intensified.

The conflict began following peaceful protests by Anglophone teachers, who felt discriminated against. Anglophones, who make up 20% of Cameroon’s 23-million population, have over time felt marginalised in the socio-cultural, political and economic spheres by the Francophone-dominated government.

The separatist forces capitalised on the teachers’ protest, and stepped up pressure on the government, which responded to the crisis with counter-insurgency operations. While most Anglophones simply wished that their grievances be addressed, the more radical factions have called for independence for the self-declared state of Ambazonia. The security forces responded violently to these protests, killing scores of people and displacing 160 000.

What is the VP/HR’s position on the intercommunal violence in Cameroon, and what has been done so far in response?

What specific steps does the European External Action Service plan to take to alleviate the tensions in Cameroon and move towards a peaceful resolution?

According to some reports, FinFisher surveillance software, which was produced by European companies, was used by the Cameroonian Government to target the opposition. How will the VP/HR counter the indirect export of such cyber tools to Cameroon?

We now have to wait for the official answers from EEAS, and will update this story when they get available.

19 thoughts on “The Crisis in Cameroon is finally making its way to the EU Commission”

  1. Thank you Marcel for your tremendous efforts. Yes you are correct. We have to create more awareness. At least some media outlets such NJ Times and the Guardian are reporting about that conflict.

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  2. Thank you is not even enough to express the gratitude we Ambazonians can express for the tremendous amount of work you are doing. Please continue to do what you do. Ok nxe again thank you!!

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  3. The international community has really been mute as far as this struggle is concerned, I wonder why or is it because the octogenarian is bribing his way in all those organizations, if that be the case he will never bribe God not to fight for us, people are being butchered like animals, entire villages razed, girls raped, people maimed, leaders arbitrarily abducted and detained in squalid conditions and the world is so aloof history will judge them all for not fighting to save minority and vulnerable people.


      1. Marcel, you a ray of light in the darkness over the peope of Southern Cameroons. More grease to your elbows. Continue to shine!! You are God sent.
        Joe, Ni Joe

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  4. Press the Cameroonian Govt to initiate inclusive dialogue. The EU can mediate. The current regime is not willing to dialogue, so it is playing with time. This regime has the reputation of beating or bribing opposition into submission and it is hoping its tactics will work this time. But we all know this is not working. Violence is escalating into a full-flesh civil war. Because the EU is a major trading partner with Cameroon, they can use this to put pressure on the cameroonian regime


  5. The continuous reference to terms like separatist, insurgent and rebels all help to legitimise the actions of the Cameroonian government who has pushed human rights abuses to a whole new level. It is shame that political personal keep playing politics with African lives and yet refuse to grant them access into their European heaven. Something needs to be done or this crisis will get too big to contained.

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    1. I agree on the fact that something needs to be done. Whether or not “separatists” is the right term or not is more a legal question. And human rights abuse is NOT legitimised against separatists either.


  6. The EU needs to condemn in strong terms those countries and business individuals still signing trade deals and furnishing Paul Biya with resources to kill Southern Cameroonians. Companies and countries like New Age Global Energy ltd ( UK), China, Korea , France etc must be warned and if possible actions be taken against them. We cannot pretend like nothing is happening.


    1. As much as your position on this is a local one, from an outsiders perspective who is the perpetrator is not always so clear. Both parties are guilty of some part of violence, and unfortunately one side (The official Government of Republique du Cameroon) also has all diplomatic access and a whole ministry of communication to use. Before condemnation, doubt as to who does what must be removed, hard to do without independent sources on the ground. So I fully understand your outcry, it just isn’t that simple.


  7. I am glad this genocide in the former British Southern Cameroons , now the REPUBLIC OF AMBAZONIAN is finally getting world attention.
    Thanks for the initiators.

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  8. The teachers strike was not taken advantage of by separatist. During protest it became clear that there was need for constitutional protection from the anglosaxon system of education and that could only be achieved in a federation. Government rejected the federation and arrested Union leaders. Many were arrested and some sentence for terrorism charges. If every Anglophone had a gun they would have been fighting too. There’s no difference between teachers protest and the hardship anglophones had endured. The restorationist fighters have the support of the teachers and lawyers. It was not the teachers and lawyers of the entire nation that protested but that of southern Cameroon’s. To us teachers and lawyers simply started the fight and opened the eyes of the population


  9. Ambazonia’s quest for not negotiable. It is either we gain independence or there will be no Cameroon. Southern cameroon was already a trust territory to UK but UK sold it to France. Now Her Souveignty must be Restored


  10. Thank you sir for being the the good one whose, the suffering of the people of Southern Cameroon has touched your heart. If the few righteous ones allow the the power monger, chief of demons, the longest rulling African president in the making, to kill all the people of Southern Cameroon! History will judge us.


  11. Thank you very much Marcel for being the voice of the voiceless. Though it’s not enough, it’s all we can offer you for now. God guide and protect you.
    Apart from that , I want to make a few corrections. At least 1000 civilians have been killed not scores as you reported. With your permission I can send you pictures of our dead .
    Once more thank you.

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  12. I’ve got just one think to say….no international organization or body can help us. They are after all birds of the same feathers. Why waste our time asking for their aid. Yemen is and example for us not to rely on their so called aid. We the victims and sufferers of the continues injustice are our only hope.


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